Why Attend? – Objective of the summit

The conference aims to create an ideal platform for the active exchange of knowledge and expertise between the top authorities, decision makers, industry stakeholders, experts and professionals in the medical value travel industry from all over the world. It enables participants to network with peers across the world and across the supply chain, to exchange ideas, build contacts and create strong business partnerships. The programe would focus on market growth and opportunities, innovations, technological developments, and regulatory activities within the medical value travel A two conference program will focus on the below sessions:

  • Regional Roundtables – Focus on Partnerships and Collaborations
  • CEO Roundtable – Medical Value Travel in India: National Roadmap
  • AYUSH – New Arena in MVT Making India a Global Hub of Therapy
  • A Paradigm Shift in Healthcare Through Technology: Leading the Way in Future for Medical Value Travel
  • Patient Journey and Satisfaction: Success Stories of MVT in India
  • MVT Facilitators & Start-ups - Catalysts of Growth
  • Changing the Game in Medical Value Travel through Insurance